Healthy Relationships Month

Each October, UR comes alongside national Domestic Violence Awareness Month to raise awareness about relationship violence while teaching students how to build and sustain healthy habits across all their relationships; emotional, romantic, sexual, familial, academic, professional, friendships, and more.

Below are some of the events and activities hosted throughout the month. Learn more about healthy relationships any time of the year!

Love is…

Our traveling chalkboards allow students to define what love means to them. For a lot of students, love is, "puppies." For others, love is, "Netflix adding a new season." When you see the chalkboards around campus in October (trust us, you can't miss them), take a moment to let us know what love is to you.

Relationship Spectrum

Ever wonder if something happening between friends, roommates, partners, family, etc. is normal or problematic? In this activity, you will be given several relationship habits that you will place somewhere along the relationship spectrum ranging from healthy, to unhealthy, to abusive. While someone who, "encourages you to pursue you passions" may be easy to identify as a healthy behavior, some behaviors such as, "looking through your phone without your permission," may take some more thinking and could fall somewhere in between. No matter how easy of difficult, we'll be right there to help you figure it all out. When you see us pop up around campus in October stop by to practice your skills and earn a prize!

Staying in Bounds

Games are one of the first ways we learn to identify and respect boundaries. Lawn games are placed around campus in October for students to play, as a reminder of this foundational principle. While you're stopping by to play, or just passing by, you'll be able to learn the 5 core ways to create healthy boundaries in each of your relationships. 

Interested in planning, hosting, or bringing another event to Richmond? Contact our Sexual Misconduct Education and Prevention Coordinator.