Healthy Sexuality

Adopting and embracing a healthy sexuality is a core piece of prevention. When we embrace our unique sexuality, we are empowered to have open conversations with our partners about sex, we break off stigmas associated with who should have sex and how, and and we are more likely to engage in safer sex. Below are 8 core sexual rights that we believe all members of our Richmond community share.

Sexual rights

A healthy sexuality is essential to our well-being. While sexuality is experienced and expressed differently by everyone, these are some core rights we all share.

You have the right:

  • to say yes to sexual activity that is safe and enjoyable
  • to say no to sexual activity at any time
  • to define your sexual boundaries and values
  • to experience sexual pleasure
  • to be open about your sexual wants, likes, and dislikes
  • to your sexual orientation and identity
  • to express your sexuality and sexual preferences
  • to partners who ensure consent, respect your rights, and communicate

*Adapted from Oregon State University