University Programs


During orientation, every incoming student participates in programming specifically dedicated to sexual misconduct prevention and response. Students learn what the basic concepts of consent, and how to know if they have consent before and while engaging in sexual activity. They learn about the University's Title IX policy and procedures, along with the support resources available to them, as well as how to be an active bystander to prevent sexual and relationship violence.


As a part of all full-time, degree seeking students’ wellness graduation requirements, all incoming students participate in an online education and prevention program.

Built in collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners, Haven is an interactive course designed to engage and empower students to create safe and healthy campus environments. Haven addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence and stalking.

WELL 100

UNIV100 is an initiative piloted in Fall 2020 with the purpose of extending the NSO experience. This course is completed by all first-year students over the course of their first semester, and includes extended education on bystander intervention and healthy relationships.

WELL 102

Beginning Fall 2018, all full-time, degree seeking students participated in an online bystander module during their second year. This course is completed within the first six weeks of the fall semester. Every Choice builds off of students' WELL 100 course; it moves students from awareness about sexual and relationship violence, to building skills and overcoming obstacles so they can act as active bystanders and intervene in problematic situations.