The University of Richmond supports and encourages training of all decision makers in the University’s Title IX process. To ensure compliance with the Federal Regulations, decision makers receive training on the following: what constitutes sexual harassment, conducting investigations and grievance procedures including mediation, avoiding bias and conflicts of interest. You can find a complete list of trainings by decision maker below.

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  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Decision Makers

    Decision Makers include members of the Hearing Board, Title IX Investigator, and Hearing Officer.

    Hearing Board Members 2023-2024

    • Kristen Ball, Sr Associate Registrar, Dir of Ops, Registrar Office
    • Rebecca Buffington, Senior Associate Director of Admission
    • Wendy Burchard, Director of Procurement 
    • Jerry Clemmer, Executive Director Campus Business Services 
    • Kelly Harris, Director, Operations, Recreation & Wellness
    • James Hughes, Assistant Vice President for Development 
    • Janet Hutchinson, Associate Dean, Career Services, Law School
    • Melanie Jenkins, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
    • Laurie Melville, Associate Vice-President & Controller
    • Dani Roberts, Associate Director, Student Center for Equity and Inclusion 
    • Alex Sklut, Associate Dean of Students, Law School 
    • Jennifer Stancil, Assistant Vice President, Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations 
    • Mark Stanton, Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance  
    • LaRee Sugg, Associate Athetic Director,  Athletic Administration
    • Darrell Tyler, Senior Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Effectiveness 
    • Rachel Weinberg-Rue, Compliance Officer, Financial Aid Office