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Responsible Employees

All University employees, except confidential resources, are encouraged to report to one of the University’s Title IX Coordinators as soon as they become aware of possible sexual misconduct.  

Under Virginia law and University policy, each Responsible Employee, other than a confidential resource, who, in the course of his or her employment by the University, obtains information regarding a possible act of sexual misconduct, including but not limited to sexual violence against:

  1. A University student; or
  2. Any person on campus, in a non-campus building or property, or on public property falling within the scope of this policy

must report to one of the University’s Title IX Coordinators as soon as practicable after attending to the immediate needs of the person who experienced sexual misconduct.  The report must contain all relevant information, including the identity of the individuals involved, if known.  This reporting requirement does not apply to Responsible Employees or other University employees who are designated as a confidential resource in this policy.

All University employees are also encouraged to report potential crimes to the University Police Department.  All employees designated a Campus Security Authority must report to the University Police Department.